Upgrades to Stock Floor Displays

Floor Display Upgrades - Headers and Bases

Upgrade your floor displays with high quality four color Headers. We think of Headers as the “attention grabbers” in the store. Header artwork should catch the eye of the passing customer, and cause them to look at the book jackets. Once they stop to look at the book jacket, then they will pick up the book and examine it. Now you’ve got ‘em.

Small quantities of Header labels are printed digitally and film laminated, larger quantities are printed offset lithography and aqueous coated. Either way, you are ensured of book jacket quality Headers using the most cost-effective printing method.

Another option is to screen print your sales message or other copy directly onto the Header. This cost effective way of personalizing your display allows your message to seen.

The Base can be screen printed with your company logo to personalize your display and ensure that the retailer uses your display only for your books. Many printers will tell you that they cannot print white ink on a black surface and still have it look opaque. We do it every day – no problem.

Order Floor Displays and Upgrades

3-Pocket Floor Display Book Sized: 5.5" x 7.5 and Tray Depth: 5.5"

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Maximum order is 2499, for larger quantities please Contact Us

1 - 149$29.00
150 - 199$24.20
200 - 249$21.78
250 - 299$20.34
300 - 399$19.37
400 - 499$18.17
500 - 599$17.45
600 - 699$16.97
700 - 799$16.62
800 - 899$16.37
900 - 999$16.16
1000 - 1249$16.00
1250 - 1499$15.72
1500 - 1999$15.52
2000 - 2499$15.28

Counter Display Upgrades

  • 4-Color Header
  • Screenprint Header
  • 4-Color Front Lip
Upgrade your design


CityStands™ Display Upgrades

  • 4-Color Header
  • Screenprint Header
  • Base Imprinting
  • Back Imprinting
Upgrade your design