Specialty Displays - Headers, Tray Construction, & Color

This is the customization department of our company. Years ago, every display was custom designed, printed, and cut from scratch. Market economies now dictate that most point of purchase requirements, visual and budgetary, can be met using our stock floor and counter displays with upgrades. When the books or product require special treatment and you want impact that stops retailers and consumers at your display, we have the skills and vision to make that dream a reality.


Specialty Headers

Our stock display headers have a rectangular face that we upgrade by attaching a four color printed label. When your header needs to have a custom shape for maximum impact in the store, we can create a specialty header.

The easiest solution is to re-diecut the existing header to a smaller height, creating a shape at the top of the header. The next option is to create an oversize header with a custom shape on three sides. Last, and most expensive, is when we create a dimensional header, perhaps with motorized movement, or flashing lights.

Small quantities can be manufactured, however since the costs are significantly higher than our standard upgraded headers we recommend that specialty headers be manufactured in quantities larger than 500 units.

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Specialty Display Construction

A specialty construction is needed when your books, or product mix, simply do not fit into any of our stock display trays. It may be due to the trim size of your books, or the number of titles in a series that must appear in the display or sometimes varied book sizes that must be presented in the same display.

Our approach to manufacturing book displays is modular, so it is still cost efficient to create a special display tray that fits on our existing display base. This custom tray would be sized to hold your books exactly the way you want them presented. The header can be rectangular – like standard Upgrade header, or further upgraded to a Specialty Display Header.

Because our standard black or red, semi-gloss, scuff resistant corrugated color is consistently the same, we can use one of our stock display bases with your special size tray and be confident that the color and material will match. Since there are no printing charges for our black or red standard colors, this represents significant savings.

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Specialty Colors

Our black or red, semi-gloss, scuff resistant corrugated is not always the right color for your displays. Corporate color requirements, brand identification, or simply in-store impact sometimes necessitate creating a special color for your displays.

Once the corrugated is printed, we can diecut the displays using our stock display dies. . Since there are no die charges for using any of our stock display dies, this represents significant savings.

Due to the cost of printing this special colored semi-gloss, scuff resistant corrugated, we usually recommend a specialty color for a minimum floor display order of 2,000 units. Smaller quantities can be manufactured; however, the cost is significantly higher than our published stock display pricing.

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Full Custom

When a specialty upgrade is not enough, and you need specialty construction, specialty color, and a specialty header, then we suggest a totally custom display. There are no limits to your imagination for these displays, and we will work with you to develop exactly the custom display you desire. Our experience with these unique book displays is vast, and during the development process we will recommend every cost-saving manufacturing efficiency in order to keep the unit cost to a minimum. This kind of display is usually reserved for bestsellers, movie tie-ins and ongoing frontlist/backlist promotions.

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